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My name is Alison. This is my first year teaching so of course I am thrilled to be part of a school community of students and colleagues with an incredible group of grade 3/4 students under my care. This is without a doubt the most rewarding and happy time of my life. I am excited about what I have learned this week in the Web 2.0 course in regards to being able to connect with educators much more experienced. I hope to discover how this technology can be used as a learning tool for both me and my students.


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“Module 1”

  1. April 1st, 2013 at 6:43 am      Reply Liz Kelly Says:

    Hi Alison I love your blog and am really glad to hear you’re enjoying your first year at St Mark’s so much .

  2. April 2nd, 2013 at 10:46 am      Reply Alison Lomas Says:

    Greetings Alison!

    Congratulations on your participation in this course during what will be a wonderful year of learning for you all round. It’s good to hear that your year is going so well. It is wonderful to learn from each other in an environment that only Web 2.0 can offer. As one of the videos rightly highlighted – the internet is no longer streams of isolated web pages of information, but an environment where everything is connected; where the collective “we” are in control.

    So while you might enjoy the learning from more “experienced” educators – us more experienced educators welcome the insights, thoughts and wonderings that sometimes only new eyes into the field can bring.

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