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Final Course Reflection


‘Children grow into the intellectual life around them’. (Vygotsky, 1978)    eLearning with the iLE@RN Model The information rich world in which our students live is astounding. Of course with this comes the need to guide students’ learning journeys and approach to the online world. The iLE@RN Model therefore is highly pertinent. I strongly agree […]

Module 10


With all that we know about the importance of collaborative learning, the use of Wikis as a virtual classroom where students can communicate and respond to each others’ thoughts and ideas is a wonderful educational tool. I love the idea of this “second classroom – one that (is) always open”. I would imagine that with […]

Module 9


Of those explored in Module 9, the networking tool I feel would be valuable to students is Second Life. With only an awareness of the existence of Second Life, I thoroughly enjoyed watching the two videos that provided numerous possibilities for its use in education. I am certain that students would appreciate its explorative nature. […]

Module 8


Learning about RSS at this stage in the course was extraordinarily effective as my growing awareness of the vastness of the internet had begun to overwhelm me. I very much enjoyed setting up RSS feeds on Feedly and look forward to finding educationalists with interesting ideas and staying connected.

Module 7


Being a graduate teacher and part of a wonderfully collaborative level teaching team, I watch in admiration (and with terrible jealousy!) when my colleagues pull out resources from their personal banks ideal for the new learning we are planning for our students. As such I am constantly on the lookout for teaching and learning websites […]

Module 6


The group of students I have is at present attempting to make text to self connections prior to reading. Even when having prompts that lead them to think deeply about the title and skim the text prior to reading, I consistently see them gravitate to the illustrations to make their connections. This reminds me of […]

Module 5


Prezi is ‘about the visualisation of thoughts in motion’ (introductory video). What a beautiful statement. I adore the idea of being able to capture the momentum of the process of thought for my students when presenting information. I believe that Prezi enables the representation of information as a continuous movement of connected ideas. This is […]

Module 4


I particularly enjoyed searching through the video sites for activity 4 as I often struggle to find good educational videos. I also had a great time making a short video on Animoto. I think it will be a great site to use when I am looking for a way to create something short and sharp […]

Module 3


I am excited by the opportunities Google Docs provides. Its use extends the possibilities for collaboration, student learning and teacher-student communication more than I had imagined with the limited knowledge I had// prior to this module. I am thrilled by the impact that having work published online may have for students’ sense of ownership and […]

Module 2


I am grateful for all that I have learned about the educational use of blogs in Module 2. Additional research has led me to search through several classroom, teacher and student blogs, leaving me feeling very inspired to create my own. I also cannot help but be excited about the role of blogs in strengthening […]

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